Invasive plants, often called weeds, are plants that are not native to British Columbia, and cause lasting environmental and economic harm. Some are toxic, or otherwise harmful to humans or animals. These plants can establish and spread quickly, and outcompete our native vegetation. Eradication and control efforts cost BC taxpayers millions of dollars every year!

Choose from two easy ways to report invasive plants electronically - fast, easy and effectively:

Report-a-Weed Mobile App

Report-a-Weed Online

  The mobile Report-a-Weed BC app is available free of charge for iPhone and Android platforms. It lets you report weed sightings anywhere in BC, in just a few simple steps. Your report will go to a BC invasive plant specialist, who will coordinate follow-up activities with the appropriate local authorities. The app can be used off-line to create submissions as well; simply complete the report, click ‘Submit’ and the report will be sent as soon as you are back in cell coverage.
Features include a map of BC that displays the 500 most recent submission details, statistics on the number of locations reported for each species, and the ability to search through images of all 202 invasive plant species on the list.
Simply take a picture, indicate the infestation size with the handly slider, and add your contact info (this will only be necessary the first time you make a report). A factsheet on the use of this mobile app will be posted soon!

Download the Report-a-Weed mobile app now:
For Android: here;
For iPhone: here.

  Report-a-Weed is a tool within the Invasive Alien Plant Program (IAPP) Map Display application, which is an interactive mapping tool that assists land management agencies, non-government organizations, and the general public in developing and delivering effective invasive plant management programs throughout BC.
The Report-a-Weed tool lets you send a weed report directly to the IAPP database where it will be compared to known locations of the reported species, and will be sent directly to a provincial invasive plant specialist for your area who will action the report. The specialist may share the report with the local weed committee coordinator for further action.
The Report-a-Weed wizard takes you through 3 easy steps to report a suspected new sighting of an invasive alien plant species in BC. For a quick overview of the Report-a-Weed tool, view or download this factsheet.
Use the Report-a-Weed tool on the homepage of the Map Display application when you are at or near a computer and want to report an invasive plant sighting.